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Patrick O'Rourke

NASA Kennedy Space Center Manager

    NASA: Kennedy Space Center Multimedia Studio Manager and Webmaster
    1/2011 to present

    Multimedia Studio Manager and Webmaster in the Information Technology (IT) and Communications Services Directorate, with responsibility for video production and web technical and administrative functions. Other responsibilities include developing, analyzing, and evaluating short and long range plans.

  • Responsible for video production, planning, development, and technical project management as well as providing contractor oversight management and implementation of state-of-the-art IT systems and software applications.

  • Advise on, conduct, and monitor technical managerial functions, making authoritative decisions on variables and unknowns affecting planning, integration, coordination, and critical management problems with respect to safety, costs, and economics, while assuring Branch employees and contractor support provide KSC management and employees with superior customer service.

  • Possess an advanced knowledge of project management, supervisory / managerial techniques and practices, and the technical expertise sufficient to establish budget requirements, develop contract modifications, develop and implement products and services.

    Patrick J ORourke O'Rourke Studio Productions: CEO
    1/1998 to present

  • Responsilbe for all planning, developing, estimating, validating current long-term project budgets, and allocating resources to accomplish objectives.

  • Manage all legal contracts, project plans, software development policies and guidelines.

  • Provided Internet servers/web hosting including domain registration, Domain Name Services (DNS), POP3 email services, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) services, Internet Locator Services (ILS)/video conferencing, and Video Streaming. Provided Internet web hosting for companies in New York, Texas, and California.

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